Black River Aerospace

Black River Aerospace Aerospace Consulting and Compliance

We specialize in Part 91 & Part 135 consulting and compliance manuals. Our staff will produce professional manuals customized for your company's needs, whether your business has a single Pilatus or you manage a multi-aircraft fleet. We are extremely familiar with the needs of the aircraft industry. And because of our good history of working with numerous FAA personnel and Air Carriers, we have become known and been recommended as the one source for Part 91, 135, & 141 certification needs.


Black River Aerospace offers comprehensive and innovative solutions for your aviation business, which affords you to focus more on growth and eliminate the monotonous administrative and financial tasks of the day-to-day.

Trusting us to provide a wide array of services will help manage your business-related tasks and giving you back those extra hours in the day to focus on the core of your business.

Utilizing Black River Aerospace business solutions means having the services of a professional business executive, finance manager, and a personal business assistant.

Sampling of services:

  • Financial budgeting and reporting

  • Executive Assistant services

  • Financial Budgeting

  • Policy and Procedural Processes

  • Technology Training

  • Team development

  • Time management

  • Pilot/Maintenance training records organization

  • Aircraft documents organization

  • Recurrent training reminders

  • Medical reminders

  • Maintenance records storage and organization

  • Electronic record keeping

  • Financial records

Business solution pricing is based on project.  Monthly, quarterly, and annual plans are available.  
Please contact or 386.212.3741.